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Actors: Eliška Hulínská, Veronika Tököly, Eliška Jirsová, Simona Machovičová, Filip Staněk, Please The Trees - Václav Havelka, Jan Svačina, Kryštof Kříček Dance show of the 420PEOPLE contemporary dance group and the rock concert of the band Please The Trees is here! The proven cooperation between Václav Kuneš and Václav Havelka brings again an unforgettable experience.
350 Kč Regular
250 Kč Studenti, senioři
950 Kč Donors (1st row)
Premiere: 11. 9. 2018
The production accompanied by Please the Trees on the stage of the La Fabrika Theater make vibrate all those who are looking for answers to questions about how to cope with the accelerated time in which the most modern technologies slowly suppresses the essence of human being? Why can't we exist without a mobile signal, and the failure of the signal gets us to the brink of madness? Why is our only friend in the middle of the night an infinite non-stop Google and Netflix? The answer is THE WATCHER - an observer who knows that the most advanced technology in the world is our own body, and our lives are the threads that create together an infinite space carpet of being.

Choreography: Václav Kuneš and the dancers
Performing: Francesca Amante, Fanny Barrouquère, Simona Machovičová/Barbora Rokoszová, Veronika Tököly, Filip Staněk & Please The Trees - Václav Havelka, Jan Svačina, Kryštof Kříček
Music: Please The Trees
Costume design: Olo Křížová
Light design: Jan Mlčoch/Michal Kříž
Set design: Hynek Dřízhal