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  • 1 Studio 1 + bar Komunardů 30
  • 2 Slévárna Přístavní 22
  • 3 Cashbox Komunardů 28


Actors: Martha Issová, Anna Polívková A performance about friendship by a duo of clowns
590 Kč Vstupné (Sitting)
490 Kč Snížené vstupné (Senior/student)
790 Kč VIP vstupné
70 min. Premiere: 24. 5. 2011
“This clash between Anna Polívková and Martha Issová in an authorial clown performance is indisputably one of the theatre achievements of the year….” INSTINKT “The spectator can’t stop smiling for several hours after leaving the theatre.” – MF DNES
It all began with a great friendship and the effort to disprove the thesis that a female comic duo simply cannot exist, as the essence of female nature will not permit a member of the fairer sex admit that she could possibly be sillier, clumsier or even uglier than another. During rehearsals it was confirmed that this machistic thesis is valid and, as a result, the actors ceased to communicate with each other and a practically non-verbal performance about friendship, not only its light, but also shadier and even darker aspects, was created. As well as 2D animation, this performance also offers earthbound acrobatics, dancing, a bedroom scene, crying, shouting and singing. These are the Intercontinental Beauties. Arte et Marte.