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Yana Reutova: TOGETHER ALONE - part II: Invisible Traces a part III: Paradoxical Bodies


Czech Dance Platform 2024

30th Czech Dance Platform



Yana Reutova – Together Alone
– triptych 

How to cope with the heavy feeling of loneliness? How to explain it? And why is it sometimes strongest when we are surrounded by people?

Even  when we are together, in the end we are each on our own in life.

What will unexpected meetings and crossing fates bring? 

The triptych is a reflection of the author's chance encounters with various artists during two years in Prague, where she fled before the war.


Part II. - Invisible Traces (Open Air)

Fingerprints, a tangle of inconspicuous lines, hiding our uniqueness and genetic heritage. Invisible traces, unconsciously left in our surroundings, on things and people. We are covered by them too. Others have left them on us, on the surface, but also inside, as fleeting evidence of an experienced closeness. We create these invisible connections every day; we are the bearers of them, either unwittingly or by our own will.


Part  III. -  Paradoxical Bodies

In the realm of the human body's intricate essence,adrenaline and endorphins take center stage, harmonizing to define our physiological and emotional crescendos. They are the protagonists of an ongoing drama within us, where the balance and interplay between these two hormones are essential.


Part II – Invisible Traces (Open Air)

Concept: Yana Reutova (UA/CZ)

Choreography: Yana Reutova (UA) with performers: Jitka Čechová (CZ), Kateřina Jabůrková /Žaneta Musilová (CZ), Lukas Bliss Blaha (CZ)

Interpretation: Jitka Čechová (CZ), Žaneta Musilová (CZ), Lukas Bliss Blaha (CZ)

Music: Tomáš Kerle (CZ)

Set-design/object: Lucie Podroužková & Štěpán Rubáš (CZ)


Part III - : Paradoxical Bodies

Concept, choreography: Yana Reutova (UA/CZ)

Inspired by: Together Alone / Part III - Endless Talks co-created by Yana Reutova (UA/CZ) and Souleymane Ladji Kone (BF)

Performers: Yana Reutova (UA/CZ), Nika Horiacha (UA)

Dramaturgy: Jitka Pavlišová (CZ)

Light design: Pavel Kotlík (CZ)    

Music, sound design: Tomáš Kerle (CZ)

Costumes: Barbora Kotěšovcová (CZ)


Production: Soňa Rizmanová (CZ)

Producer: Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC – dance venue