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  • 1 Studio 1 + bar Komunardů 30
  • 2 Slévárna Přístavní 22
  • 3 Cashbox Komunardů 28



Actors: Eliška Jirsová, Veronika Tököly, Michal Toman, Filip Staněk "Rituální taneční sci-fi" - "Promyšlené, autentické, vyladěné..." - "Čistá krása z pohybu" - "Kdyby se ve filmu DUNA tancovalo, vypadalo by to jako EVER" - "Představení o nás samotných skrze taneční výpověď"
450 Kč Regular
950 Kč Donors (1st row)
290 Kč Students/Seniors
60 min. Premiere: 12. 9. 2022

Wanted to explore who we are when we are NOT on social media. 

What is the driving force that we use to put ourselves on a pedestal. Are we just objects, like in a gallery, with a spotlight cutting off everything beyond the light?


Music is by DJ Exhausted Modern, who is a composer as well. That combination offers immense amount of dynamics and changes and above all, it offers a rocket fuel for the 4 dancers as they move through the space in seemingly never ending group flow, yet with their characters shinning at points. 

As the music creates a sense of energy and urgency, Vaclav Havel essay provides a more reflective and thoughtful perspective. His essay on ‘live theater’ stands the grounds even today, as we are in between streaming online culture and live performances. 


The space is clean at first, visible yet dimmed lights give a sense of privacy. That is before the apperanece of the pedestals and their bright spotlights, which ends the privacy as the dancers are trying to use the pedestals as their own towers of Babel for their 15 minutes of fame.


E V E R is the first part of upcoming trilogy. Followed by WHERE. Still to come is the third work W H Y / y.

The underlying theme of the first two is time and space, the last one will be in search of a meaning.