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Actors: Sara Magnano, Pierre-Yves Massip --Funny and poetical travel on the word of mime--
The mime is for theatre what the poetry is for the literature.
It is essential, it translates the reality by his poetic essence, it gives to see what is hidden between lines.
The act of mime is never the reproduction, the imitation, but the perpetual act of creation: I look at the world, the world communicates to me an emotion and this emotion puts me in movement. This movement is the first movement of the Mime, I would say even the first movement of Theatre, that can be abstracted, concrete, give life to a history with a rhythm …
The Mime is before any, this act of deep connection with the world, the abstract and concrete reality which surrounds us.
With this conference we want to renew the idea of mime in the mind of the public and to restore it in a place of honour between performing arts.
 Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip met in 1994 at the Marcel Marceau school of Mime and ever since then we have chosen to explore together the vast world of their imagination. For over fifteen years, they have worked as a duo to shape a gestural and visual theatre where the body is both the tool and the goal. "We work with the drama of movement that can echo our everyday lives with all its little ups and downs as well as take us on an epic lyrical journey into our thoughts".