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  • 1 Studio 1 + bar Komunardů 30
  • 2 Slévárna Přístavní 22
  • 3 Cashbox Komunardů 28


Motion performance

Actors: Marek Zelinka, Martin Talaga Motion performance
250 Kč Regular (Sitting)
150 Kč Student (Sitting)
A performance depicting men as they perceive themselves and their body in today’s world Their body plays a fundamental role in the life of men from their boyhood. How they perceive it and what relationship they have with it determines their physical identity. In spite of the gift of thought and speech, a person’s emotions and health are expressed through his body, which serves as the key instrument for self-expression and interaction with the surrounding world.
“Synovia” (synovial fluid) is a viscous fluid produced by the synovial membrane, the main purpose of which is to reduce friction between the cartilage of the joints as they move and ensure their correct function.