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  • 1 Studio 1 + bar Komunardů 30
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Oxytocin Baby

Prague German Language Theatre Festival / Schauspielhaus Wien

Actors: Aleksandra Corovic, Sophia Löffler, Til Schindler, Sarah Zelt, Sbor/Chor: Marlene Fröhlich, Lea Gordin, Rebecca Katharina Lorenz, Victoria Sedlacek In the beginning there is a birth that is not really a birth. Just like in the games about the birth of baby Jesus, where it also just sort of happens in the end. It's the birth of love, of uncertainty. Something that itches, like a postpartum scar, like something coming out that won't come back. Something that settles and rubs its eyelashes with sticky fingertips. Something that grows like yeast if left unattended. The real birth will happen later, the baby will be born, in the carriage on the floor, no, between the seats, no, somehow from the ceiling. It rolls out, slips out, bumps, falls out. There are some ideas that need to be helped into the world - and others that don't. The silence, the emptiness, the women's chorus like an untrained archive: how can birth be a beginning when we know what is yet to come? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
90 min.